How does a successful family man go from jail to bankrupt then to social media millionaire in just two years?

In “Mags to Riches” , the first book in the series (From Jail to Social Media Millionaire), you will read about how Jason Fyk’s life went from comfortable business to jailed, facing multiple life sentences for merely taking a cell phone video in Baltimore Maryland.

Book two, “Numbers and Nightmares” , chronicles how Jason defied the odds and rose from the ashes like a phoenix. Catch a glimpse of the unbelievable success he achieved using Facebook.

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I’m 40 now. I hate that number. I missed 30 through 36 fighting the real estate recession. I missed 37 sitting in a Baltimore City jail facing attempted murder charges. I missed 38 trying to recover from jail, but I LIVED, oh yeah I lived 39 and 40! So does that make me 40 still, or since I lost all those years, does it make me 32 years old in a 40 year old package? I’m not sure which it is but I don’t feel 40. I feel like a 32 year old that has experienced the burden of a lifetime of ups and downs. Wisdom beyond my years but youth lost. That’s my life.  Read more –>

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of this book early and to give it a read.  The story is one of overcoming obstacles that should not have been there to begin with.  On the surface, Jason appears to have it all; a wonderful family, a nice house, riches beyond many people’s dreams, a social media empire, cars, boats, and so much more.


Really covers how bad the BCDC system is. I picked the book up and read it in one sittign and I’m glad I did!


The tale of the American Dream, won and lost and won and lost and won again. This gives the reader an insight to an average man with an above desire to succeed in the face of adversity and corruption of a system that was designed to uphold our basic rights and freedoms. Thank you for writing this Jason, I can’t wait to read the second book.
Kellee Lacombe

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