A platform is a “Social Network” consisting of two parts: [Social] “connections” and [Network] “data” that Facebook harvests / sells. Facebook fraudulently claims it is a “platform for all ideas” while also claiming it has a “set of values” (bias) that inform users of what to “read, trust and share” therefore it is not a “neutral public forum” and not subject to CDA immunity.

“News feed is a product” in which “the first posts are more valuable than the 3000th post”. Facebook reduced the value of organic reach in order to increase the value of paid reach. Facebook’s “strategy” is to create deliberately vague, all-encompassing “terms” such as “click bait, spam, low quality, inauthentic, fake, sensational or bad actor” “in order to reduce the distribution”, “reduce the spread of problematic content…that might not violate [their] community standards”, “remove their ability to advertise” “removed their ability to monetize” in order to “reduce the economic incentives” of competitive businesses who do not “sponsor” Facebook.

Facebook baited users and publishers onto the platform by purportedly claiming it to be a “free” platform then switched to a pay to play advertising business model which directly competes with its own users and publishers. Facebook “makes money” from its “partnered” advertisers (sponsors). Facebook’s “strategy” is to “displace” “low quality”, “problematic” (organic, low value) publisher content (like Fyk’s) by removing user-solicited content from the news feed and instead “placing” its own unsolicited, financially incentivized (paid), typically commercial (spam) Facebook “partnered” advertising sponsor.

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