Testing, testing 123 S: this is detective Carl Stambaugh, I’m in the company of Detective Sam Shipley, and Ms. Megan Hurka. Today’s date is Friday January 28th 2011 it’s 5:43pm Ms Hurka can you please state your name and date of Birth for the record? H: Megan Hurka August 22. 1991 S: This is a taped statement in reference to an aggravated assault that occurred on the 21st of January 2011 at 55 Marketplace Baltimore complaint number: 111A08458 Um Ms. Hurka, where you in the downtown Baltimore area on January 21st H: Yes S: What were you doing downtown? H: We went to a show at Ramshead. S:Who were you with H:Brandy, Brandy Shipley S:And you were somewhere else? H:We later met up with my boyfriend Daniel Goodman because he didn’t have a ride home. (This is a lie, they were at Angel’s Rock Bar underage) His friends had left him but we offered him a ride and he was going to stay at my apartment. S:Where was he before you met him, do you know? H:He was in, he was in (mex?) for a little bit then he was in the Rockbar S:ok, where were you H:Ramshead S:And where did you end up meeting him. H:We met him outside rockbar and walked to the parking garage with him, we tried to find his friends but he didn’t have his phone. S:Ok did you remember what level of the parking garage you were headed too? H:It was, we didn’t remember at the time we remembered because we could see the back of the port discovery sign S:Ok H:but we went back the next day we figured out it was level 5 S:Ok what happened, who’s car were you going to? H: Brandy’s S:And Could you describe the car? H:It was a redish old school Nova, 2 door, 4 door. S:What happened when you arrived at the car? H:Um there were guys going to their car and a girl, and they kept yelling at us to do a burnout, which I don’t really know what that is. But we kept trying to tell them that we were just trying to go home. They were clearly drunk and trying to start something they walked over to us and they were getting in my boyfriends face and he was trying to tell them that we just wanted to go home but they didn’t want to listen the guy was talking about how he loved to fight and Danny didn’t want to fight and Brandy and I were trying to get in the car at the time we were basically in the car with the door like about to be shut and so we got out and came around and so the guy who started the… Danny and Brandy trying to get him to stop and go home and he wasn’t listen so everybody started shoving each other. And it just started getting like escalated from there, and like there was a fight started between Brandy and a guy and Danny was trying to stop that, and then they started really like going after Brandy and Brandy was trying to get them away from her and that wasn’t working so Danny went to go try help her out and he ended up getting tackled to the ground. And that’s when they fight started with Danny and Steve and Brandy and Ricky and I saw Brandy and Ricky and tried to help stop that and Ricky ended up walking away Brandy and I were trying to walk back towards the car and Danny was still on the ground with Steve and Brandy and I are freaking out because we didn’t know what to do and we just like all kind of like happened all so quickly that it was just like a big mess of like fists. Danny was on the ground being strangled, like kicked in the face and I freaked out and ran over to the guy Steve and hit him in the head with my heel a couple times and he still wouldn’t get him off of Danny and he , there was just blood everywhere and eventually he got off of I think, his friends were like “OH Steve that’s enough kind of deal” and Steve ended up getting off Danny, Danny was like laying on the ground, and they went home and Brandy and I got Danny in the car and we got in the car and were crying because there was blood all over the parking garage, there was blood on our hands, there was blood all on like Brandy’s feet there was blood all down Danny;s face he like was coughing blood and sneaking blood and so was Brandy and we went back to my apartment and my roommate, because I had texted her, so she knew what was going on when we got back there and she immediately helped me take care of them. And we were…I wanted to call the cops and go to the hospital but they were really freaked out and just wanted to go to sleep and pretty much what happened…. S:Ok when, when you went to the car your intention was, what was your intention? To go home it was pretty late, we were all tired. S:And you were approached by, by some people? H:Yeah Steve S:What, Could you describe these people? H:Steve had like a brown Mohawk it wasn’t that long it was like a shorter Mohawk and he had star shaved into his head and and tattoos on his hand and I remember he had a black or a White shirt, and then I remember your the girl who was there had light brown hair that was kinda like shorter length and straight. And she was wearing like the same kinda shirt as Steve I think they were wearing like the Adrenaline Crew shirt or something they have some sort of crew. And then I know Ricky had like tattoos on his face and he was kind of like a taller dude like a kinda shaved head, and I remember the camera guy Jason being like a bigger like stockier dude with a shaved head (identifies BOTH with shaved heads) I don’t really know what the other camera man looks like we weren’t really paying attention to them. S:OK so there were camera men filming this whole incident. H:There was one guy I believe the one guy was on his phone and there was another guy with like a professional camera. That’s about it. S:Who was the first person to approach you if you remember? H:Steve S: Alright and was he the one that requested you do a burnout? H:Yes (Ricky requested the burnout) S:OK What happened when, when, when you, when you refused H:He just started coming over and try convince us to do a burnout. (conflicts with steve came over to fight) S:And your intentions were still was what? H:That, that we were trying to go home. S:Ok what prevented you from doing so H:They started getting in our faces and saying that they wanted to fight us and like shoving started. S:Do you remember specifically anyone shoving anyone else? H:I just remember there was shoving between like Steve and Danny and then Steve and Brandy and Ricky and Brandy that’s what I remember. S:OK H:***They didn’t touch me at all! S:And as the fight progressed were there any conversations between you and the camera men or you and the combatants? (yeah she tried to engage me but I didn’t respond) H:Um I believe I was yelling at the camera man to shut it off and to get out of there and just be like kinda stupid insults at him. (trying to instigate more fighting with me) S: Ok were there any conversations between the people that were fighting? H:No, not between, not when it really progressed it was just a lot of fighting and I remember me and the one girl were kinda looking at each other the girl off to the parking garage like what’s going on like freaking out because she didn’t know what was going on either and obviously she wasn’t a part of it but, and then I remember yelling at Ricky when he was beating up and choking my boyfriend Daniel to get off of him. That’s probably the only things I said to them. S:Ok do you remember, Do you know the injuries that Brandy sustained. H:Um I was talking to her the same day that I was at the hospital with Danny the next day and she told me that she had two fractured ribs and she said she had a little bit of a black eye and there was, there was like a bump on her head and she said that it was kinda difficult for her to walk because her leg was stiff. S:Do you know what may have caused these injuries? H:I saw her get kneed in the ribs and kicked in the face. S:By who do you know? H:Ricky, there two, there was like one fight over her and one fight like a couple feet off. S: and Daniel, do you know what his injuries were? He hadm I’m not sure if it was a broken or a fractured nose and his face was extremely swollen his eye was swollen shut, he couldn’t open it until the next like, not the next day after the fight but the next day after that and his eye is like completely red inside S:Do you know how he sustained those injuries? H:He got kicked in the face S:Do you know who got kicked him in the face? H:Ricky S:OK, you indicated he was on the ground being choked correct? H:By Steve S:By Steve S: What was your feelings that was occurring while ah Daniel was on the ground being choked? H:I was shocked because I was that’s not something I had ever been around and I was scared for the same reason, and because someone I really cared about, two people I really cared about were getting extremely hurt and S:What do you think his intention was to do to Daniel H:It looked like he was about to kill him because Danny was reaching out to me and he had blood like all down his face S:Ok H:He was being choked and why else were you gonna choke someone because S:OK, The people you know as Steven and Ricky, had you ever seen them before? (shakes head no) S:k how did you come to knowing of their identities? H:Um well Steve and I have 17 or 18 mutual friends on Facebook and he popped up in the people you may know and we had been trying to look around Facebook to see if we could find them and… we stumbled upon a profile I scrolled through he was (inaudible) a little bit and saw him admitting to a bunch of things, er not so much admitting but they keep saying like “they wanna know (inaudible) my head hurts from last night but I bet not as bad as yours, and we had to clean blood out of the back of the car” and they had stuff that said they were going to Rockbar and there’s videos of them leaving when they’re leaving at 2am like the one girl sliding down the railing at 2 am when they’re leaving. It’s just a, a kinda bunch of stuff like that, that basically pointed towards them and I did a little bit more digging so I found Steven and then off him I found, off his wall I found Kaitlyn, off Kaitlyn’s wall I found that she had liked um the WTF magazine which was the press pass that Danny had found in his pocket, so I went to that and I found Jason and then from all the comments on there I found the Adrenaline Crew and Ricky, so I went to the Adrenaline Crew and I found all Ricky’s comments and that’s how I found everybody. S:Ok, so you viewed photographs of these people? And these were the same people who involved in the fight? (except Kaitlyn was NOT in the garage) Yeah And they’re also in the adrenaline crew and the adrenaline crew had pictures of of Danny and Steve and Danny like the fight S:Ok, And the photographs you looked at could you name the people you that you observed and recognized as being involved in the fight? H:Um my boyfriend Daniel in one picture is laying on the parking garage ground near a puddle of blood and I know that cause I recognize his clothes and the other picture has Steve choking Danny and I recognize Danny again because of his clothes and I recognize Steve because of his hand tattoos and his Mohawk and his shirt… S:Ok H:…has like the writing on the side S:Ok, you also saw the profile photos of these people on their own Facebook page, um you saw a picture of Steven on his own Facebook page, what was his last name? H:Pullman S:And you saw a picture of the profile of Ricky correct, what’s his last name” H:Steinman S:Ok, you also saw a picture of one of the photographers is that correct? What is his full name? H:Jason Fyk S:And you also saw the profile picture of a female that was there? Correct? And what was her name? H:Kaitlyn Christine Marrino S: Ok, anything else that I am leaving out? H: (Shakes head) No S:No, detective Shipley do you have any questions? SAM SHIPLEY: No, no questions S: one other question now that I am thinking about it, you said that Daniel said he found a press pass in his, in his pocket? Do you know how that came about? H:Um I know there were some things going on, my friends had this something, they were doing like this thing with the plunge for the special Olympics and I know Rockbar was like sponsoring and event or something for it and there were also other people there who were helping to sponsor it and I know WTF magazine was one of them, we later figured out and I guess because Danny had been at Rockbar he, they were giving away stuff and he got one of those passes that like basically told you a website and everything. So the next day he like reached into his pockets of his jackets that he had been wearing the night before and found one of those passes. S:Ok, Is there anything else I may have forgotten, actually one other question, did you ever see anyone take any property from anyone else? H:Yeah, one of the guys took Brandy’s, I don’t know if it was her purse or her wallet, because I remember her yanking something back from one of the guys, so that’s why, she got it back. S:Do you know which guys it was? H:I’m not sure, I just remember seeing a shaved head so it was either Jason with the camera man or it was Ricky. S:Ok H:Because I was looking back and forth between Danny and Brandy S:is there anything else I may have forgotten to ask you or that you would like to add to the taped statement? Detective Shipley any follow up questions? SAM SHIPLEY: No S: This will conclude the taped statement. Um its still, today’s date is January the 28th 2011 it’s 6:00pm Thanks You



S: testing one two three, testing one two three S:This is detective Carl Stambaugh I’m in the company of detective Dennis Gunther this is in reference to an aggravated assault that was reported out of Baltimore City complaint number 111A08458 the incident occurred in the parking garage at 55 marketplace on the 22nd of January of 2011 somehwere between the hours of 2am and 2:45am . Mr. Goodman could you please state your name and date of birth for the record. D: Daniel Abram Goodman August 16th 1988 S: On the 22nd of January 2011 did you happen to be in the downtown Baltimore area? Yes I was at a mex at power plant live celebrating a friend of mines birthday and ah we were there till about ten o’clock, 10pm and we went up to Angel’s Rock Bar for the remainder of the night until the bars had closed out at 2am. From there we went onto, from there I met up with uh Megan Hurka and Brandy Shipley and I was going to leave with them in Brandy’s car which is at the fifth floor of 55 market place. By the time we got to the car we were approached by 4 men and one woman. Um. One of them by the name of Steven Charles Pullman, the other one Richard Mcleoud Steinman, another named Jason Fyk and the female named Kaitlyn Christine Marino the other male, uh I have no idea. Anyway, they approached us and asked us to do a burnout in Brandy’s car and when we said no we are just gonna go home, they weren’t having it, so Steven Pullman approached me and tried to instigate a fight with me. And I told him no man I don’t want to fight, why don’t you just go back to your car and leave and we’ll do the same. He wouldn’t leave, he kept telling you know telling me, instigating you know telling me he wanted to fight and at that time Brandy Shipley intervened and got in between Steven and I. And you know was telling him you need to get out of here you just need to just leave us alone (no she didn’t) get the F out of here. You know they just got into a little tussle pushing each other around. And the ah I believe Ricky and Brandy got into a little tussle pushing each other around. And you know ah (this is where he omits all the parts of Shipley fighting) eventually we you know decided we were just going to leave we were just trying to get back in the car. And ah we were just about to get back into the car and ah we were about to get back into the car in Brandy’s car and Steven Pullman came around and I guess grabbed Brandy and spit on her or something and Brandy got out of the car (note he says she got out)and that’s when Ricky and , Ricky Steinman and Steve Pullman attacked her (no she attacked Steve) I had ran up to intervene and I had punched Steven Pullman in the face. And we got into a little tussle and he threw me down, at one point Ricky came up and kicked me and then ah somehow I ended up with Steven Pullman on my back choking me out(adjusts to make it attempted murder) choking the life out of me. And When I say life I mean he wasn’t letting go, he was not letting go even towards the end you know when his friends were trying to pull him off of me he didn’t want to let go. And while I was being choked ah I was kicked by Ricky ah in the face stomach chest back and ah I suffered a broken nose a black eye ah And Brandy Brandy Shipley she apparently suffered two broken ribs and she also has a black eye. And ah and that’s all I really can remember. We got, I got up and got back in the car and we went home. S: Ok after you went home um did you seek medical treatment? D: Yes um yeah I didn’t particularly want to go to the hospital honestly or but my sister had came over to Megan Hurkas apartement, which is where we had stayed that night after the incident and you know she kinda dragged me out of bed and made me go to the hospital and went to the hospital and that’s when ah we had an officer came and you know took a report the initial report. S: ok, do you remember if the officer ah, you you showed me a form, was officer Sparenburg’s name on there in which he wrote the ah initial police report as a common assault and gave you a complaint number correct? D:Correct D: Um After that, after you received this complaint number, did you do a sort of a investigation on your own. Yes we did a, a little investigation on your own ah via searching for you know Facebook social networking youtube ah you know all different kinds of you know online social networks. Um But basically uh Megan Hurka had uh you know she had posted a, a status update on her Facebook saying uh, with the description of Steven Pullman saying if anyone knows this guy, give me a call. S: What was that description D: A Mo…A guy with a Mohawk with a star shape in the side of his head. S: Ok and what else did she say? D:she said a that’s only, that’s as far as the description that’s all that she gave me. S: Ok she also said if, if you know this person give her a call? D:Em hmm (affirmative) S: did anybody contact her. D:Yeah a friend of hers who, who wishes to remain anonymous S: Ok D:contact her with the name, with Steven Pullmans name S: ok D: and that’s when ah you know we plugged his name into a Facebook search and we came up with his profile. S: Ok did you recognize him as one of the people involved? I recognized him as the primary aggressor involved. S: ok um after looking at this, um his page what did you discover? D: uh over time we discovered, well for one, we , we once we found once we you know ID’d him on Facebook we uh we, we discovered you know that he had posted some things uh basically placing himself at power plant live so that night at Angel’s Rockbar so he was definitely there. And then ah eventually we Megan had called had called the police and an officer had responded had came by to her apartment where ah we gave him we gave the officer Steven’s name and Richard Steinman’s name cause we also found Richard through Steven Pullman’s Facebook. Um we gave them their name and he pulled up all their information with like these guys had quite a rap sheet both of them, you know they had a lot on them anywhere from I remember seeing burglary and arson a couple things but. Anyways besides from that they we found out they were part of some uh for lack of a better word a biker gang you know. They go, they called the Adrenaline Crew they go around filming themselves doing stunts anything that gives you know gives them an adrenaline rush and I guess one of the things they decided to film was the incident that had happened at 55 market place which we were able to find on Youtube and we had downloaded the video along with ah other pictures which they had posted on the Adrenaline Crew’s Facebook page of me laying on the ground with a puddle of blood next to me and then another picture of ah Steven Pullman choking me out with blood all over the place. S: Ok in addition, a large portion of the incident there was a video on, was that on the Adrenaline Crew website D: We found the video from the WTF Magazine’s Facebook page we found a YouTube link too ah WTF Magazine who is owned by Jason Fyk one of the ah the ah the people that had that was at the that was at the ah incident that was at the ah the incident he had actually filmed the incident. S: so you recognized Jason Fyk and being there also? Yes And he was filming the incident on what? Was it on a cell phone Ah I think it was either a cell phone I mean we saw like professional cameras like some guys were walking around with professional cameras apparently somebody was filming was a cell phone. Not sure if the video, you know judging by the quality it probably was from the cell phone but… Ok you also found some property in your jacket the next day Yeah I found a ah, it looked like a press pass for WTF magazine which is owned by Jason Fyk Ok And uh I guess he was you know using it to get into the bars to take pictures and get video footage you know the night life at the power plant live. Ok You had advised me that you had responded to the court commissioners office and you had filed paper work with them prior to meeting with me? Correct? D: Yes S: Sorry about that… D: motion sensor S: motion sensor yes S:um Unknown: I’m an electrician D: (laughs) I know S: If ah, Did this (inaudible) as Steven Pullmans name and this is a statement of charges on him at this time and also on Ricky Steinman, and at this point they are charged with assaulting you correct? D: Yes S: The night of this incident, you had responded to power plant how did you get there? D: To power plant? S: Power plant that night D: Oh I had rode with some friends that I’d went to hang out with, I was hanging out with there.I had lost them somehow but I you know had already met up with Brandy Brandy Shipley and Megan Hurka and just decided to ride home with them because I couldn’t find my friends. S:ok D:so S:and you were already done on the evening of ah after around 2 oclock after the bars were closed D:(affirmative response) Um the vehicle they were leaving in could you describe it to me? D:It was a silver BMW S: This was the suspect vehicle correct? D: Ah I believe this was Jason Fyk’s vehicle um on one of the scene shots that we had taken, um can’t remember from who’s from Facebook page we found it but uh it does say something Jason Fyk says that he was cleaning he had to clean the blood out of his car. S:Ok D:So S:So this vehicle is parked close by to the vehicle you were leaving in? D: Directly across from us. S: Ok This was a silver BWM you said? D:(affirmative response) S:What type of vehicle were you leaving it? D:We left in a uh, it was uh like an orangish brown Chevy Nova, ah old classic Chevy nova. I’m not exactly sure what year. But S:So How did you get up to the 5 th Floor? D:Ah we had walked up the stairs S:Ok, were they already there? D:They were walking up the ramp, cause we had walked up the stairs, um I’m not sure which end, the north end or the south end, we had walked up the stairs in the corner of the parking garage and as they were walking up the ramp coming up from the fourth floor. S:Ok, so you arrived at your own vehicles approximately at the same the time D:Yeah S:And they noticed this, this classic car? D: Yeah S:and asked her to do a burnout in it? Yes S:Um Did she refuse to do so? D:Yes S: and that’s what initiated this whole argument? Which… D:Well yeah she had refused to and I said, I’d also you know said NO were not, we’re just going home, you know we’ll see you later. S:How did they respond to that? D:They took it as offense, I guess you know S: What were they saying what types of things if you recall? D: Um I remember Steven was Steven was pretty close to me saying you know how, how he loves to fight. He and uh you know and he was calling me a pussy for saying that I didn’t want to fight him, and uh you know he was just basically saying he was trying to get me to fight him I mean he’s just… Ok, before this incident had you ever seen any of these people before? No You had no involvement with them at all? D:Never, never S:The only way you know their names is in fact through looking through social networking sites? D: Yes Ok Detective Gunthry do you have any questions? Gunthry: NO S: do you have anything else you would like to add to this? D: Um well I guess uh I have asked around quite a bit you know just to try and get some general knowledge on these guys at least as far as Pullman and Steinman, um you know some of my friends that are I guess mutual friends they know them and they they said these guys are nuts they are crazy they’re no good. S:Ok If you happen to see them there are open warrants on them if any of your friends let the police know right away if you see them. D:Absolutely S:Ok alright that will conclude the tape statement the time is 3:01 pm D:Thank you